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In recent years, there has been unseen progress in the field of artificial intelligence. New technologies, more data and higher computation power have led to AI-technologies that outperform humans on many tasks, including driving, medical diagnosis, image and speech recognition and natural language processing.

These same technologies can also be used to analyze sports data and predict the outcome of sport events.

We are a team of experts who worked on the forefront of artificial intelligence and we have created this tennis prediction algorithm that outperforms professional human handicappers. This revolutionary algorithm is already very profitable and continues to improve itself with every new professional tennis match, that is played anywhere in the world.

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Performance since January 2017

Total Profit: $ 7766.89

tennis predictions
tennis predictions profit

Our results are regularly updated on this graph. We are monitored by a great number of our subscribers, who make sure, that the published performance is in line with the tennis predictions from our newsletter.

Why DeepTennis?

The Reasons for its Superiority

Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Sports Betting

Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Sports Betting

In the past, there were handicappers with great knowledge and analytical skills who could beat the betting market. But in today’s world there are millions of data points available in almost any sport and computers outperform even the best humans bettors easily, when analyzing these huge amounts of data. Human handicappers who are consistently winning, will very soon be a thing of the ancient past. Tennis prediction algorithms are the future of tennis betting.

Team of Leading Experts

Team of Leading Experts

Our AI team consists of experts from the academic world, especially mathematics as well as AI experts who have used their skills to revolutionize other industries in the past. Coincidentally, several of our expert have played tennis themselves for decades. The prediction of tennis matches is more than a job for us. It is our passion.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and Transparency

As we send out a daily newsletter with our tennis predictions, anybody who is subscribed can always check his past emails and calculate the performance of these picks. This ensures, that the results on our website are always correct.

We do your Money Management for You

We do your Money Management for You

Many bettors fail, because of their lack of discipline. Increasing bet size, chasing losses and other harmful but common behaviors have ruined many good bettors. Money management is as important as having excellent tennis predictions. Therefore, we will provide a recommended bet size with every tennis pick. Our unit sizes are optimized purely mathematically and therefor not flawed by human emotions. If you follow our recommendation, your risk of ever going broke is minimized.

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